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Involved fathers make a massive difference in their children’s lives

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Child Custody

As a child grows up, one of the biggest influences on his or her life will be the child’s father. It’s hard to understate how important a father is to a young child. The difference that an involved father can make in a child’s growth and development is massive. 

It’s important to remember this during divorce, as it underscores why fathers’ rights are so important. This is why courts today tend to favor shared custody. They want fathers and mothers to both play a role, rather than defaulting to mothers, as used to be common. It’s better for kids to have both parents in their lives, even when those parents are no longer married. 

How does a father help?

Exactly how each father helps his child is unique, of course, but researchers have found some common traits and themes. A few examples include the following: 

  • Children tend to be more confident
  • They have better social connections with friends and in school
  • Children understand their feelings and how to regulate them
  • Children get to experience important “rough-and-tumble” play styles
  • Children tend to do better in school, especially in the areas of math and reading
  • Boys without involved fathers tend to be more aggressive, which can sometimes lead to issues in school or with social life in the community
  • Fathers can help to teach about rules and regulations

These are just a few of the ways that fathers can help children develop, but you can already see how important this is. Every couple who is going through a divorce needs to consider this as they look into their legal options