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About Fathers’ Rights

At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., we fight for the rights and interests of fathers, just as we do for our clients who are mothers. From our office in Sandusky, we provide the smart and aggressive representation men in north central Ohio need to understand, obtain, exercise and enforce their rights as fathers.

Shelly Kennedy is a trusted adviser and advocate for men before, during and after divorce. Please call 419-719-5245 to schedule a consultation.

Representing Fathers For More Than 25 Years

Many lawyers, magistrates and judges subconsciously conform to old-fashioned stereotypes and the idea that children are better off with their mothers. At our family law firm, we break through old ways of thinking for our clients’ sake.

Attorney Kennedy is a champion for parents, including fathers. She has a proven track record of successfully enforcing her clients’ parental rights at the bargaining table and in the courtroom.

Our firm handles hotly contested, high-conflict custody battles, as well as straightforward cases. We have successfully represented fathers in cases involving denied access, false allegations of domestic violence and mothers attempting to relocate with children.

Helping Unmarried Fathers Get Custody Rights

A large part of our practice is devoted to helping unwed fathers obtain legal rights to custody or visitation of their children. We file paternity actions that establish our clients’ legal rights to custody. We advise men on how to protect their rights through the Ohio Putative Father Registry (OPFR) even before a pregnancy has been announced or a birth has occurred.

Learn more about fathers’ rights in Ohio. See our fathers’ rights FAQ.

Dads Have Rights, Too

Many men feel they are at the mercy of their children’s mothers. One wrong move and they fear being cut out of their child’s life. It doesn’t have to be this way. A child’s best interests include access to both parents in most cases.

At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., we level the playing field for men regarding access to their children.

We help fathers protect their parenting rights during divorce and child custody disputes. Attorney Kennedy will fight to get you the custody and visitation schedules you need to build and maintain bonds with your children.

In Ohio, there is no presumption that children are better off with mothers. Instead, the law recognizes the important role both parents play in a child’s life. Custody decisions are based on what the court feels is the best interests of the minor child. Often, this includes shared custody and even granting primary physical custody to fathers.

At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., we give dads a voice.

As a father, you have the right to weigh in on decisions regarding your child’s health, education, religion and general welfare. We also represent fathers during child support disputes.

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Contact fathers’ rights attorney Shelly Kennedy at 419-719-5245 or through our online form. Our offices are conveniently located in Sandusky, and we advise and represent clients throughout north central Ohio.