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Were You A Parent In A Same-Sex Couple And Now You Seek Visitation Rights?

When it comes to parenting time with your children, family law attorney Shelly L. Kennedy acts as your strong legal ally to ensure that your visitation rights as a parent who was formerly in a same-sex relationship are protected.

For parents who are divorced or otherwise no longer living together, a regular visitation schedule is key in maintaining a close, loving bond with their children. Obtaining a formal visitation order is the only way to ensure parental rights are protected. Whether you were a domestic partner sharing parenting responsibilities or a stepparent in a same-sex marriage or relationship, your bond with your child or children still matters.

The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., is a trusted ally on your side in all family law matters, providing the legal guidance and professional representation you need. As an experienced same-sex visitation attorney, Shelly Kennedy can help you resolve the complex issues that often arise in these cases.

A Family Law Attorney Defending Your Rights To Parenting Time

From our office in Sandusky, Ohio, our attorney defends the rights of LGBTQ community members in a variety of legal matters, including parenting time issues after a divorce or separation. Visitation with children from a prior relationship is consistently one of the most important and often hotly contested issues in a separation or divorce for both gay and straight parents as well as parent figures.

Under Chapter 3109 of the Ohio Revised Code, same-sex parents have the same rights as any other parents when it comes to being active and involved in their children’s lives after a parental separation. In matters pertaining to visitation, there are certain factors the court will consider in making a determination. These include:

  • Each parent’s current and prior relationship with the child
  • Their proven ability to love, support and nurture the child
  • Their willingness to cooperate with the other parent in coordinating visitation schedules
  • Factors such as substance abuse, domestic violence or a criminal record, which could put the well-being of the child at risk

Same-sex child visitation arrangements can be more complicated if both parties are not biological parents of the child. Attorney Kennedy can help you navigate situations involving adoptions, surrogates and sperm or egg donors used to conceive.

Visitation Rights For Same-Sex Couples After Divorce Or Separation

In any case involving child visitation in Ohio, a court-approved parenting plan will be put in place. At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., our family law attorney has the skill and experience needed to guide you through creating a visitation plan. Areas that should be covered include:

  • Weekly visits and overnight stays during weekends
  • Extended visits over holidays, school breaks and other special occasions
  • Details regarding pickup and drop-off times and locations
  • The right to visit your child or stepchild at school events and sports or recreational activities
  • Stipulations for handling unexpected changes and in cases where disputes arise

One of the benefits of having a visitation order in place is that it gives you the right to take legal action if the other parent fails to comply.

Learn More About Visitation And Parenting As A Former Partner In A Same-Sex Relationship

Having an experienced attorney on your side helps to protect your relationship with your children. To discuss your options, contact The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd. online or call 419-719-5245 and request a consultation today.