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Making divorce bearable for the kids: 3 helpful tips for success 

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Divorce

You expect your divorce to be hard on you – but you’re more concerned with how it might affect your child. As such, it helps to ask the question, “How can I make this divorce easier for my child?”

Here are three tips that you can utilize to help your kids cope with divorce:

1. Explain the divorce to the kids in the simplest way possible

It is important that you talk to your children about the divorce as soon as it is apparent. The worst mistake you can make is to let your kids learn about their parents’ divorce from a third party. If possible, disclose the news regarding your divorce together with your co-parent. And while having this conversation, avoid blaming your spouse for the divorce in the presence of your child. 

2. Reassure the kids of your unconditional love

Your children need to know that the divorce will not impact your love for them in any way. Additionally, they need to know that they are not responsible for your divorce. You need to assure them that you will always love, care and provide for them despite the change in circumstances. 

3. Avoid badmouthing the other parent

This may seem straightforward. Unfortunately, some people still do it. Badmouthing your spouse can have a lasting effect on the child’s well-being and relationship with both parents. Besides, it can hurt your custody case if you end up alienating your children from their other parent.

Divorce impacts kids in a variety of ways. Find out how you can help your children cope with the news of your divorce.