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Why would a parent want primary custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Child Custody

Parents going through a divorce may need to determine their child custody rights. One option parents have is joint custody, which allows both parents to have some right over their children’s upbringing. Parents’ custody rights may be split between their physical time with their children and their legal right to determine how their children are raised.

In a joint custody decision, it’s typically for one parent to be considered the primary custodial parent, which gives them more physical and legal rights than the other parent. Here’s why you may want to be the primary custodial parent:

Spending more time with your children

One of the immediate benefits of being the primary custodial parent is that you may have more time with your children. In many ways, this can help your children’s development and upbringing because, as a primary custodial parent, you would be able to determine what your children do daily.

Having primary custodial parent privileges may mean that you have more responsibilities to handle, such as picking up your children from school or attending to them when they’re sick. However, every parenting plan is different and the time each parent spends with their children may be closer to half.

Keeping your children’s lives consistent

Having primary custodial rights may also help keep your children’s lives consistent. Your children may not adapt to the divorce immediately, especially if the other parent constantly moves. As a primary custodial parent, you may be able to provide your children with a stable home and routine, which may give them the necessary time to handle the divorce.

You receive child support

Many parents with primary custodial rights receive child support. The other parent may be responsible for providing you with child support to tend to your children’s needs.

How is primary custody determined?

Many factors are considered before custody is decided. In most cases, the children’s best interests are thought about first, such as their safety and the parent’s ability to provide for their needs. Parents may lose the right to custody if they have a criminal or abusive history.

When learning about your rights to custody during a divorce, it may help to reach out for legal help to understand your rights as a parent.