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4 common causes of divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Divorce

It’s often said that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. While the statistics may not be exact, many people do get divorced.

It can be hard to tell when a marriage will ultimately fail, but here are a few reasons why it happens:

1. Communication issues

Many marriages struggle because of a lack of communication. Communication is essential for marriage because it allows each partner to understand what the other wants. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal and also allows partners to build trust. 

Communication difficulties often arise in marriage for many reasons. For example, a spouse may hide their true feelings. Or, a spouse may not feel heard or understood. Some communication difficulties happen because a spouse keeps score of chores or money spent. Lying is also often problematic in marriages. 

2. Infidelity

Many marriages fall apart because one spouse cheated on the other. Cheating often happens as a result of communication issues. For instance, a spouse may feel lonely in a marriage, especially if the other works long hours or spends a lot of alone time. Or, cheating may happen as a way to intentionally hurt someone. 

3. Financial disputes

One of the biggest issues in many relationships is finances. A marriage may struggle because a spouse isn’t making enough money to support the household. Or, overzealous spending may cause financial difficulties. 

4. Addiction 

People may struggle to stay in a marriage when their spouse has an addiction. For starters, addiction can change people’s personalities and cause emotional changes. These changes may cause communication issues especially if someone is not in the right frame of mind.

Furthermore, there are many kinds of addiction. For example, a gambling addiction could cause someone to spend money necessary for bills and utilities. Or, a drug addiction could lead to health scares.

It often helps people to learn their legal options if they’re going through a divorce.