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7 financial issues that can cause a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2023 | Divorce

How finances are managed in a marriage is often a topic of conversation. While many couples may not always see eye-to-eye, there can be some understanding and compromise.

However, there are a lot of unique financial matters that can affect the stability of a marriage. Here’s what you should know:


When a spouse is laid off or fired from their job, it can put some strain on a marriage. Many couples have savings they can rely on until a spouse finds a new job. However, a marriage may struggle greatly if an unemployed spouse is unwilling to find a new job.

Unexplainable debt

Many people come into marriages with some kind of debt, such as student loans and credit card debt. Couples who are financially secure may be able to manage their debt obligations. However, a spouse who creates debt without explaining what the money was used on could put unnecessary strain on a marriage. 


Addiction can lead to many issues. A spouse might act differently or put others in harm’s way. However, gambling, overspending or drug use are all expensive addictions.

Salary differences

Many couples have different salaries. The salary difference between couples may have a large gap and lead to issues. For example, a spouse may expect the other to contribute more to the household than they can reasonably afford. 

Financial control

Some relationships work because one spouse is employed while the other maintains the house and raises the children. However, this dynamic may lead to a spouse using their income to control what the other can and can’t do.

Marrying for financial stability

Some people set out to marry someone who is financially secure. To a person who has a large estate, this kind of marriage may not seem genuine.

Large financial burdens

Many couples discuss how their savings are used before making large financial purchases. If a spouse makes a purchase without consulting the other, it could create trust issues between the two of them. 

If you are seeking divorce because of financial difficulties with your spouse, you may need to learn about your legal options to secure assets and protect yourself from debt.