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Do Ohio judges ever grant one parent sole custody?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Child Custody

When parents talk about custody in Ohio, what they usually refer to is parenting time. They want legal permission to spend liberal amounts of time with their children even after a divorce and want to know the other parent cannot interfere.

For most families, a reasonable division of parenting time is standard during Ohio divorce proceedings. However, sometimes one parent seeks and successfully obtains sole custody of the family’s children. The children live with them full-time, and they assume almost complete responsibility for meeting the children’s needs and making key decisions on their behalf.

Uneven parenting time orders are common

Although people often think of shared parenting time as a 50/50 scenario, it is typical for one parent to have more time with the children than the other. However, in some rare situations, judges may not grant someone overnight parenting time at all.

They may only receive visitation. In extreme cases, judges may even order supervised visitation. The circumstances that justify such unbalanced parenting time orders are relatively rare. Factors that could lead to one adult having sole custody in Ohio include:

  • a history of abuse or neglect
  • unstable living arrangements
  • incarceration
  • addiction
  • other severe health challenges

Typically, those seeking sole custody and attempting to deny the other parenting time need evidence affirming their claims that the children’s health and well-being would be at risk at the other parent’s home. For this reason and more, learning more about how Ohio handles parenting time and other custody matters may benefit those preparing for a divorce.