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Divorce Attorney Advising Clients In Same-Sex Marriages

Last updated on March 28, 2023

For any married couple, situations can arise that make getting a divorce inevitable. You and your partner may have grown apart since getting married; you may constantly fight over a particular issue; or there may have been one event that changed everything. Regardless of the reason for your divorce, it is important to get legal guidance as you navigate the legal process to ensure that your rights and best interests are protected. This is as true for same-sex divorce as for any other divorce.

As an experienced divorce lawyer, Shelly L. Kennedy has been serving the needs of the LGBTQ community in Ohio for more than 25 years. She understands the complex issues that can arise in these cases. She provides the caring client support and professional legal representation you need to achieve a favorable outcome in your divorce case.

Guiding You Through Your Same-Sex Divorce

Laws governing the process for getting a divorce are listed under Chapter 3105 of the Ohio Revised Code. They apply in any type of divorce case, regardless of who the parties involved are. Even if you and your partner agree to end your marriage and are on fairly amicable terms, important issues must be resolved before a final divorce order can be granted.

At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., our lead attorney acts as a strong legal advocate on your side during your divorce proceedings. Issues attorney Kennedy can guide you toward resolving include:

  • Division of marital property, assets and debts
  • Determining whether alimony is likely to be an issue in your case
  • Representing you in child custody and support proceedings
  • Dealing with any premarital or postmarital agreements in place
  • Negotiating marital settlement agreements

Why You Need An Experienced Same-Sex Divorce Attorney

While same-sex marriages are at heart no different than those involving heterosexual partners, at The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., we recognize the unique issues the LGBTQ community faces during divorce. These may include:

  • Reaching fair agreements regarding marital property: Same-sex marriage became legal under the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015. However, many same-sex couples seeking divorce have been in a committed relationship for years or even decades prior. Some were previously registered as domestic partners before marrying. You need an experienced same-sex divorce lawyer to defend your rights to property and assets accumulated during this period.
  • Dealing with issues pertaining to child custody: Same-sex adoption and parenting rights have also evolved over the last 10 years. LGBTQ couples may or may not have both parties named on their children’s birth certificates. Whether you are the biological parent or not, if you have co-parented children with your same-sex spouse, you have a voice in child custody and visitation negotiations. For the sake of your bond with your biological child, stepchild or adopted child, you need a knowledgeable, dedicated divorce lawyer to protect your rights regarding child custody and parenting plans.

Reach Out To A Divorce Attorney Today

At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., we provide the trusted guidance and professional legal representation that members of Ohio’s LGBTQ community need in divorce and other family law matters. To discuss how we can assist you, call us in Sandusky at 419-719-5245 or contact our office online. We are here to help.