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Ohio Fathers’ Rights FAQ

If you have questions or concerns about fathers’ rights in Ohio, you are not alone. At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., we have advised and represented fathers and mothers for 25 years. Following are some of the most common questions we hear about fathers’ rights.

Do Fathers Always Get Less Parenting Time Than Mothers In Ohio?

In matters of child custody, Ohio courts are supposed to treat fathers and mothers equally. The court will base its decisions on what is in the child’s best interests, and increasingly that means protecting fathers’ rights. Years ago, it was almost certain that the child would live primarily with the mother and visit the father only periodically, but times have changed. Now the courts generally recognize that a child benefits the most when both parents play a positive role in the child’s life. Still, fathers often need strong, forward-thinking legal representation to establish and exercise their parental rights.

How Can I Legally Prove That I Am The Father?

In Ohio, the law presumes that you are the father under the following two circumstances:

  • Around the time of the birth, you filed an acknowledgment of paternity.
  • You and the child’s mother were married when the child was born.

You may also prove paternity through genetic / medical testing.

Does Establishing Paternity Automatically Grant Me Custody Rights?

If you were never married to the mother, a paternity test will not automatically lead to custody rights. Ohio law still presumes that unmarried mothers are sole residential parents and legal custodians of their children. However, after you establish paternity, you can seek to establish your parental rights by requesting a court order. Rather than going through that process alone, it is very important to get help from an experienced child custody and fathers’ rights attorney.

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At The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, we understand the challenges that fathers face in matters of family law and child custody. We are here to help you protect your parental rights. To schedule an appointment, please contact us in Sandusky today. We advise and represent fathers throughout north central Ohio.